Thursday, 18 March 2010

Yet Another Old Article

This one is from December 2003 when Big Mouth was in King Street, Bristol.

MY BIG NIGHT OUT (or a shameless plug for Big Mouth) by Rosemary Dun (3rd December 2003)

My top night out would start with my collecting some lovely poet from the station. As one of the perks of being a poetry promoter is that I get to pick the poets I book! Then we'd mosey on down to Bristol's equivalent of The Cavern i.e. Marlows, off Broad Street, which is Big Mouth Cabaret's new venue. By now my pre-show nerves would be kicking in big time. Being a host of Big Mouth's akin to holding a party where your fave witty people are bound to turn up – if only because you've booked them! I always get nervous that no-one will come. But they do! My top lineup would be Dik√© Omeje (mesmerising) and Matthew Harvey (hilarious). As MC I always glam up – all part of the fun. My best night would include my one-time resident band – Bucky - playing. Their last Big Mouth gig saw a packed audience cheering as Simon and Joff played on kids guitar (Simon) and tin bread bin (Joff) with Joff breaking off every now and then to draw a cartoon. Poetry, rock'n'roll and stuff. At the end of a kicking night and all loved-up with sexy and funny words, and Bucky, I'd head off with performers and chums, and even (ok, this happened once …) an admirer(!), to Renatos in King Street or the sumptuously seductive il Bordello. Yep, that once got so carried away ended up in a swish Bristol hotel ….with … ssssh … the rest I'm saving for my memoirs! So for a Big Night out with a difference I'd highly recommend Big Mouth.

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