Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Bristol Pound

I am now a regular poet at Dialect Radio station, and yesterday, Tuesday 28th was my latest spot. It wasn't until the Monday (27th) that I was given the subject matter - The Bristol Pound. Eek a bit short notice, but I thought I'd give it a go and write a suitable poem. If you've not heard of the Bristol pound it's a new proposed local currency - along the lines of a similar scheme in Totnes. Finally we're twinned with hippies. It had to happen!

I thought I'd post the poem here as - because it's topical and performance based, the poem itself has a shelf life. If you want to hear the poem it's being broadcast on Sunday round about 3.30pm.


I promise to pay the bearer, the
equivalent of a pound
I promise to pay the bearer, a
part of Bristol town.

Where we got:
trip hop, drum & bass, dub step, hippy rave-on
We’re a city AND a county
we never did like Avon.

We got babbers and dappers
The Downs are gurt lush
over in Sneyd Park – it’s all millionaires
and dead posh.

Bristol promises the bearer
an extra ‘L’ on Sarah – Sarahl – see?
If you’ve not already heard
we add an ‘L’ on the end of words.

Bristol cities is the name for ladies baps
though we’re the home of Plimsoll, gym shoes are called daps.

We’re the home of Cary Grant,
a popular film location
We introduced Eddie Shoestring
and Casualty to the nation.

We got Tricky, we got Banksy
our river’s cleaner than the Yangtse.
We gave the world pirates, Bluebeard, smugglers and the rest
We’re the gateway to the picturesque Mild West.

It’s true we are marred,
our past scarred by slavery
Now we’re far more multi-cultural
enjoy a rich black history.

Though Bristol’s city centre was blown to bits
in Second World War Luftwaffe bombing blitz.
We survived though nearly ruined by Bristol Town Planning
who displayed as much finesse as a concrete loving Bernard Manning

Still, we have quakers and bakers
Pieminster, Frys and Cadbury
Tobacco, air balloons and the Beebs Natural History
It’s a mystery – don’tyou think? –
why Bristol doesn’t shout
of its richness and its coolness
of just what it’s all about.

So, in keeping with our innovation,
our vibrancy all round.
It’s a pleasure to introduce the new Bristol Pound.

Coming soon to a Bristol near you.

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